About Us

«C-S Constructions» based in Athens, operates in the sector of design, construction and renovation of buildings, offices, hotels facilities, tourist accommodations and all kinds of establishments.


Our company's philosophy relies on constructing buildings of high safety and quality, that are aesthetically harmonized to the type of use, the area and the natural environment of every project. In «C-S Constructions», we combine modern innovations with simple forms, modern and traditional materials used in modern ways, high quality materials and advanced energy solutions, techniques for optimal exploitation of light and a better energy performance for each building.


Our aim, always, is to give added value to the building through the fulfillment of economic and environmental objectives. It is of great importance for us, to ensure sustainability, comfortable and pleasant stay, and of course the functionality of the space we build, renovate or restore, be it a residency, a hotel establishment, an office or any other professional space.


«C-S Constructions» prioritizes the needs of each client-user and guarantees the satisfaction of even the most demanding ones. Throughout the process, from conception and design to final completion and delivery of the project, we are in constant contact with stakeholders, emphasizing even the smallest details. At the same time, the supervision of every project, small or large, by our engineers is continuing, to ensure that the customer receives a unique and handsome building.



Our company's workforce consists of experienced and qualified engineers & professionals, who are regularly updated and trained on new techniques, materials and technologies in building construction and renovation. The integration and utilization of new developments is continuous and ensures that every customer will receive a contemporary building -fully functional and equipped-, in a responsible and professional manner.


«C-S Constructions» provides architectural and structural design, building licenses, engineering certifications, supervision and construction of buildings, as well as renovations and restorations of buildings. Our long experience in the sector of constructions and other engineering works, as well as the large volume of construction works we gave been entrusted by satisfied customers, guarantee the quality of the services we offer.


Hotel Constructions


 Special and unique chapter of our company's operations is our engagement in the sector of construction, renovation and equipment of hotel establishments and tourist accommodations. «C-S Constructions» is able to provide complete solutions, from designing, licensing and constructing to equipping and ensuring the function of the establishment.


As in every project we undertake, our basic principle, is to fully satisfy the users' needs, ensuring at the same time the greatest functionality for the building. Our aim is to fully and harmoniously integrate the establishment in the surrounding natural environment and achieve significant efficiency gains in the building without any reductions in quality. For that we pay great attention to the aesthetic standards, combining bioclimatic design with modern technologies.



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