In C-S Constructions», having a great deal of experience in delivering architectural, structural and electromechanical designs, by operating responsibly and executing with excellence, we are able to elaborate any design required,be it a new building or an addition, or change of use of an existing building. In preparing architectural designs, we take into account all current regulations and legislation, making our main priority the sound management of the project budget.

We take into account the specificities of each space in order to make the best possible for it's use, while providing for the smoothest possible integration of the buildings in the existing natural and cultural environment. We consider every construction unique, aiming to satisfy all the special needs of our customers and building's users as well.

Receiving a building license is a complex and demanding process that has to go through different public sectors. Our company's workforce, composed of architects, surveyors and engineers with excellent knowledge of the subject, deep knowledge of urban legislation, and long experience in receiving licenses, handles everything needed for that matter.

In “C-S Constructions”, we always provide complete solutions for our customers!